Exchange Information

Exchanging Your Vacation

Trading your vacation week for a comparable unit or resort is a wonderful way to travel and see the world. Although you own a deeded week at a certain resort, that doesn’t mean you are required to vacation at the same place and at the same time every year. One of the greatest benefits of vacation ownership is that for a small transaction fee you can trade your vacation for other resorts around the world. Whether you’re a long-term planner or a last minute traveler, exchanging your vacation is a fantastic way to see the world!

The Exchange Company

We have affiliated our resorts with Interval International to handle your vacation exchanges. Known as I.I. for short, this exchange company is one of the largest international vacation exchange companies in the world. It offers over 2,200 resorts worldwide and has over two million members. Membership in I.I. is only $99 per year and offers multi-year membership for a discount. The cost per exchange is $209 for travel in the United States and $219 for international exchanges. As a member you will get a yearly resort directory with photos, locations and descriptions of each resort. Whomever you choose to use as your exchange company, you will receive great flexibility and selection from year to year.

Making the Exchange

Once you have affiliated with an exchange company, the process is as easy as picking up the phone and talking with one of their vacation counselors, who will assist you with the exchange process.
You simply request an exchange for your vacation, then you deposit your week with the exchange company. And, you don’t have to make a immediate request for an exchange or wait for your week to be taken before you can confirm your vacation. By exchanging your vacation, you enjoy the benefit of millions of other members depositing weeks regularly.

Helpful Hints for Vacation Exchanges

1. Request Early

As soon as you know where and when you want to go, call the exchange company and have them begin the search for your next vacation. The earlier you request, the better.

2. Deposit Early

Whether you need a specific time or you’re not sure where you want to go, you just know you want to travel somewhere new… deposit early! The earlier you deposit, the higher trading power you’ll have for a later exchange.

3. Be Flexible

Give the exchange company three or four resort choices and at least two different dates. This provides you the fastest vacation confirmation for a quick and easy vacation exchange.

Please contact Interval International’s Deposit and Request Hotline at 800-634-3415 to deposit your week or request your future vacation destination.

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